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36, male, Single

Morristown, United States

Just checking out the website for now. I will fill this part out later. Ttttttttthhhhhhhaaaaaaaannnnnnkkkkksssssss

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27, female, Single

Rixeyville, United States

I'm not entirely sure of what I should write, I'm still trying to discover myself while I'm in this awkward stage of life. I find it pretty hilarious I've actually gotten to this point of finding this website lol. I have a mind that I'm not sure many people understand, and that's okay. I rather you all message me and get to know me. I'll most likely respond because I have little to no social life.

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32, male, Single

Sanger, United States

A little bit about me I am 25 years. I am currently a student living in Greenville SC. I am studying to become an OTA because I have a great passion to help people. I enjoy volunteering in my free time as well as hiking around the Upstate ( my favorite spot is Ceasar's Head State Park). Other than that I mostly an indoors type of person. I am admittedly a dork and take pride in being weird. I was referred to this website so that I could meet other people who suffer from depression. It makes it really tough to meet and socialize with people sometimes. I always try to be an open book so ask you can ask me anything.

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40, male, Divorced

Sutton, United Kingdom

Well the website title says it all. To keep it short, I am caring individual who shows ambition in life and i just have a simple personality living happily with what i have and what else, live to the max! Music is a key part of my life and i am so glad that i have started to compose music.Even though i have a full time job, i still like to balance my career with my hobby so it's great having time to do both when i can. I hope that i will meet someone who has the same interests as well as having a social life which is important. It's all about having mutual respect and understanding one another. Family values are really important to me and to be honest it's all about being there for one another. Respecting each other is a key factor so yes i always believe in that!

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37, female, Single

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

I'm out of brazilian women steriotype. I'm a dreamer looking for my soulmate. I'm totally free (don't have platonic love, unsolved relations from the past) looking for happyness. I'm very sensitive, sometimes shy sometimes extroverted and a lover of psychology, photography, nature, travels, hiking in beautiful places, relaxing music, soundtracks, meditation, fruits, every greenery and vegetables (vegetables soup is perfect!)... I do not like superficial relationships and I cherish the sincerity, companionship, intelligence and respect. If you are looking for here is not your place. Looking for an easygoing man to share meaningful relation of souls.I'm not the most peaceful person (including I'm very anxious) but cherish for a daily growth trying to improve my soul and health lifestyle everyday. I signed up this website to develop meaningful relationships and to find a soul match with the same wish.I usually go to the spirits' "church", so I believe in energy, spirits, past lives, reasons and daily growth. Today I try to be better than I was yesterday (it's cliche but it's very hard to practice).

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